Brass Restoring, Clear-Coat Lacquering

         Silver Repairing, Polishing

     Pewter Repairing & Refinishing                                                           

What do we Repair?
 *New Stainless Blades for table knives using the finest available from Sheffield, England. (Or reset your original blades)
   Antique (blunt end) or modern (tapered) blades available.
 *New Combs, Brushes, Mirrors for dresser sets.
   Imitation Tortise Shell combs from Germany. Natural Boar or Nylon Bristle brushes on Rosewood Custom made.  
  Hand Mirrors restored and refinished.       
  *New Custom made Velveteen backings for picture frames
  Your antique picture frames can now be completly restored including replacing the old backing with new velveteen...many colors available.  

 *Weighted sterling repaired. Missing parts duplicated.
 *Even that spoon or fork accidently dropped into the disposal can in most instances be restored.

 *Brass items such as Fireplace Andirons, Fireplace Tool Sets, etc, Candle Holders, Chandleliers, Tea Carts, Brass Beds  refinished and Clear-Coat Lacquered to keep from tarnishing.

  *Ecclesiastical, Church items including Chalices, Alter Candles and Vases  also refinished and Clear-Coat Lacquered.
  *Brass Door and Cabinet hardware refinishing.

Most any metal restored made of sterling silver, brass, copper, pewter.

*We can also machine engrave small items such as flatware, childs cups, small trays, small bowls, etc.using a variety of engraving styles. Call or e-mail for more information.

"Spinning" a new base to replace one damaged beyond repair. This process is also used to duplicate damaged or missing round covers for coffee or teapost, sugar bowls, etc.